kin time babey

obligatory kin list, a work in progress

Lirael Goldenhand

From the Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix. Lirael is an Abhorsen, a necromancer who puts the dead back to rest (rather than raising them) using magical bells. I miss the Disreputable Dog (Kibeth) and my nephew Sameth.

Anakin Skywalker

From Star Wars. I found my Obi Wan and Ahsoka and I have no interest in finding my Padmè at this time.

Klaus "The SÉance"

From The Umbrella Academy. Both comic canon and television show canon apply to me, but I resonate more closely with the comic.

The Others

Jughead Jones (Archie comics)Akira Kurusu (Persona 5)Bigby Wolf (Fables and The Wolf Among Us)Kit Snicket (A Series of Unfortunate Events) Gabriel Reyes (Overwatch)Satellite Nine (17776 football)Indrid Cold (The Adventure Zone Amnesty)Noah Foster (MTV's Scream)Will Byers (Stranger Things)
I wouldn't necessarily describe these as kins but I project into them a great deal
Richie Tozier (IT)Nerris "Magic Kid" (Camp Camp)Val (Outlast 2)Raven (Teen Titans)Rhys (Tales From The Borderlands)


Ghost linked to my experience with Cotard's Delusion. This one is most intrinsic to my identity in day to day lifeVampire I feel a deep kinship with traditional gothic/fantasy vampires. This especially includes Malkavians and Nosferatu from VtM